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Display Text in Bar for Bar Chart


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I want to display text in my bar Chart. Ho can I go ahead with that . Secondly I want to make invisible the one axis of the two given axis. For eg. we have to Axes for Y but I want do make the second one invisible. Such as Only one Y Axis appears but not the second one. For reference to both of the see the picture attached.


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Hi Ankur

Regarding your first question, you can use AnnotationText objects.  All information related to this object is available in Chart FX Samples & Resource Center, that is automatically added when you Install Chart FX 7 on your machine.  Please check the following code, it shows you how to add an AnnotationText:

SoftwareFX.ChartFX.Annotation.AnnotationX annotx = new SoftwareFX.ChartFX.Annotation.AnnotationX();


AnnotationText text = new AnnotationText();


text.TextColor = Color.Blue;

text.Text = "Sample Text";

text.Height = 50;

text.Width = 50;

text.Top = 40;

text.Left = 40;


Now, regarding your second question, if you want to make the axis invisible, you can use the following code:

AxisY newAxis = Chart1.AxesY[1];   -- Index 0 = the first Y axis and index 1 is the 2nd  Y axis

newAxis.Visible = false;

Carlos Chaves

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 Thanks for the quick reply, The solution for first problem works good. But for second, by Axis I mean the grey color border which is appearing with the chart I want the right border to be invisible



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