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How to bind a descriptive text data field to the point label values in a scatter chart?


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I've got a scatter chart bound to a DataTable with 3 columns: a cost value (X axis), a numeric count value (Y axis), and a descriptive text value for each point. I want to keep the default X and Y axis labels (currency for X, numeric for Y), but display the description field as each point's label in the scatter chart. I've tried many combinations of using PointLabels, DataSourceSettings and FieldMap properties, but I can't figure out an obvious way to do this. Is there a way to bind that 3rd field to just the point labels, or do I need to iterate over all the points and assign the text value manually to each point's label? I would appreciate any sample code for either method.



Here is my code attempt (the numeric values are laid out as desired with this code

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I expected to be able to enumerate (For Each) the points on the chart and set their properties, but nothing in the ChartFX API seems to implement IEnumerable. After some trial-and-error, here's what I got working by looping through the data-bound points by index and doing reverse look-ups in my data source:

For nPointIndex = 0 To MyChart.Data.Points - 1

Dim point As ChartFX.WinForms.PointAttributes = MyChart.Points(nPointIndex)

Dim cost As Double = MyChart.Data.X(nPointIndex)

Dim itemCount As Integer = CInt(MyChart.Data.Y(nPointIndex))

Dim foundRowIndex = dataView.Find(New Object() {cost, itemCount})

Dim row As DataRowView

If foundRowIndex >= 0 Then

row = dataView(foundRowIndex)

point.Text = row("description").ToString()

End If


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