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Zoom on the Multi panel chart


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I try to realise the zoom functionality in my application used ChartFX.
Actualy I need something (little bit) more complicated than Magnifier.
First of all, I have number of different charts in my application, part of them have one panel with different series, and one is multipanel chart.
If on the one panel chart I can use ZoomStyle = ZoomStyle.Strip (or Auto) mode and it works satisfactory,
but on the multipanel char If I'll set the next mode:
myChart.Zoom.Style = ZoomStyle.Strip; // or Auto
myChart.Zoom.Mode = ZoomMode.Selection; 
myChart.Zoom.ViewStyle = ZoomViewStyle.Selection; 
After a first selection I'll get the ArgumentException: An item with the same key has  already been added.
If I use Zoom.Style = ZoomStyle.Scroll,  I could select only once, after then I get the scroll bars and can't select more. My customer want to make sequence of nested zooms and option to zoom out.

How could I make sequenced selection and get the min and max points of the selected area after each selection ( I need zoom only by axes X has date/time format )



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