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Porting to x64


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 Thanks. I understand it will work on 64 bit machines, but will it work with a 64 bit application?  64 bit applications can't link to 32 bit dlls, so for chart fx to work with a 64 bit app it would have to be all c# code with the compile targeted to "any cpu" or there would have to be a separate 64 bit version of it.

Are either of these the case?



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 Hi, Chart FX 7 is compiled in Any CPU. if you want to test this, open your visual studio console and type something like this:

> CORFLAGS ChartFX.WebForms.Base.dll

And this will ourput

  • Version v2.0.50727
  • CLR Header 2.5
  • PE: 32
  • CorFlags: 9
  • IONLY: 1
  • 32BIT: 0 (Look, if 32BIT == 1 then it is 32bit target, if 32BIT == 0, then is Any CPU)
  • Signed: 1

 Hope this helps.

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