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X-Axis Labels Behaviour


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Quite often our data is capable of produing large axis labels.  In our efforts to get charts displaying in an acceptable manor we have encountered 2 issues.  With the assumption of a chart containing 1 series and 100 datapoints, we experience the following:

 "Out of the box" Labels

Quite often our data is capable of produing large axis labels causing the label to overflow the bounds of the chart (this also pushes the x-axis title out of the bounds too).  Resizing the chart can cause any of the following:

Resize large enough and labels appear as intended

Starting to reduce chart size gradually causes the labels to slide behind the plot area obsxuring the text

reducing beyond a certain point causes tyext to ping outside of the bounds


Templated Labels

Using a template previously provided by yourselves to wrap the label text causes "irregular" label display:

At some sizes the height of the axis label area will be filled with as many labels as is physically possible depending on the label length (acceptable)

Resizing the chart (larger) causes the control to (I'm assuming) re-calculate how many labels can be displayed.  At this point, depending on the size of the chart, maybe 3, 1 or even no labels are displayed (obviously not so acceptable).

 Attached is a project that can replicate the issues - enabling or disabling the View3D is enough to show both scenarios.

 Is this considered a bug?  Also what options are they (for both scenarios) that might help us achieve a better display?


Many thanks


Paul Eden

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I'm also experiancing these issues. In addition to this the processor can get pegged to 100% when the x-axis titles are long. Any feedback, suggested solutions or workarounds would be highly appreciated.

I post this in this thread since I figure it is a closely related issue.

I'm very happy with the support I have got on earlier issues. Hope you can solve this one too.




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