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Hi Support,

I am using ChartFX provided with Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Most features are working just fine, except one : the Chart.Point property doesn't look to be working...

When I call this property like this: curPoint = COMObject.Point(1,1)

I get the following error: "The number of arguments provided is different from the number of arguments accepted by the method."

I tried everything I could to make this single line work, but unsuccessful for the moment.

This is not too bad since I get examples running, but I am trying to use the user legend box for one particular graph, and therefore i wish to set different colors on the same serie...

and without this method, I am stuck... I can already set different colors on different series, but not on different points from the same (and unique) serie.

Ever experienced such problem?

Current version is : 6.2.3012.19313

COM dll is ChartFX.clientServer.Core.dll

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