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LegendBox ItemAttributes Inverted not working for single series Gantt with MultipleColors


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Using this code, I am unable to invert the legend box items. I need for the order of items in the legend to agree with the order of the Axis X labels. Any suggestions greatly appreciated!

chart1.Data.Series = 1;chart1.Gallery = Gallery.Gantt;

chart1.AllSeries.MultipleColors = true;

chart1.Data[0, 0] = 2;chart1.Data[0, 1] = 3;

chart1.AxisX.Labels[0] = "AAA";chart1.AxisX.Labels[1] = "BBB";

chart1.Width = 800;chart1.Height = 200;

chart1.LegendBox.ItemAttributes[chart1.Series].Inverted = true; //doesn't matter whether I use true or false. This has no effectchart1.LegendBox.Visible = true;

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Hi jch111


Instead of changing the Legend Box Items position, please try following code:


allSeries = new List<SeriesAttributes>();


//Adds all series (in current order) to the auxiliar Collection

foreach (SeriesAttributes
series in chart1.Series)





//Iterate from all series and invert the current order

foreach (SeriesAttributes
series in allSeries)





I hope it


-- Pipon


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