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Inital site visit seems to hang


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When our users initially go to a site, IE seems to hang but actually it is just taking 5-10 minutes to load.

After the initial visit, the site loads OK until the users' profiles are cleared from the machines (which happens every couple of weeks).

Has anybody else experienced this?


We're running ChartFX7 on IIS on a 2003 server.

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Actually we do not have  previous information about a load issue using the Chart FX component. So, can you please dewscribe me a little how does your application is interacting with the data, what are you plotting in the Chart and some Chart characteristics like the rendering mode and the Chart size.

Also, can you try to replicate the same scenario and try to enter the application in other page that does not contain the Chart FX component? Does this page seems to load slow too?



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