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How to catch a exception in ChartFX


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I'm poor at English.. but I have a question.

so I write a new post :)


I'd like to catch a exception

but I couldn't.


for example

when I set a value like this 

chart1.AxisX.LabelValue = double.PositiveInfinity;

then OverflowException was occured.

I try catch the exception... so I wrap the code with Try, catch



  chart1.AxisX.LabelValue = double.PositiveInfinity;


  catch (OverflowException ex)


  throw ex;


But unfortunately I couldn't.

So.. I have to modify Program.cs file

After set ThreadException, finaly I could catch a exception

Exception was handled, but another problem has occured.

I can not distinguish which one is chartFx's exception except e.Exception.StackTrace.IndexOf("ChartFX") .

but I thought that's not good idea, and you can offer a better solution.

Ask for opinions.

thanks for reading this post.

God bless

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Thanks the answer.

and one more question,

can i catch the some trouble what you mentioned ?

 if it can't, i have to check the value(every seconds transmitted), before set

so i thought..

it is better than (checking values before set) to (catching exceptions when it occured)

i don't know the English is right.

i hope you can understand what i want to say


God bless

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Chart FX is not throwing specific exceptions for incorrect data that is being passed to the Chart. However I understand your concern. The best way to avoid this kind of issues is with some safe-programming. This means that, first validate data and inputs before assign them to the Chart. The chart should not fail with correct inputs.

Ps. your english is going well. :)


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