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Multiple Imports of XML-Strings -> Reset required?


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I'm using the chart for an 1-formula-statistic-application.

So theres only 1 instance of the chart and to switch between different statistics I just import the previous exported XML data for the specified statistic.

Let's say, there are 2 statistics (A and B) with an XML-string each.

When I un-check the 3D/2D-Option (which seems to be checked by default) for statistic A, everything looks fine. I save the XML-string and load statistic B.

Since I never set the property 3D/2D for statistic B, I expect it to be checked (because of the default). But instead, it is still unchecked and statistic B is not displayed as I saved it!

I close my app and start with loading statistic B. Now, It's displayed correct with property 3D/2D checked.

So I figured, that the XML may only contain Not-Default-Values.

Since statistic B always used the default-value (checked) of the property, the corresponding XML-string doesn't contain any informations about the property. So the Import by this XML doesn't reset the property to any value an it remains unchecked because auf die previous loaded settings of statistic A.

When I insert chart.Reset before importing the XML it seems to work!

Is this the right way?



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