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chartfx giving problem with .NET Client Control


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I am trying to render chart as .NET Client Control. I get a blank screen with a runtime html error. Error says "object doesnt support this property or method".

We have 2 servers. The problem is reported in the server which has a gateway.

On further analysis, i observed that Chart1 object is giving the problem. Could it be because of the gateway? Is it possible to modify the URL of the classid?

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When you set the render format to .NET, you need to have installed .NET framework on the client machine. Also, you will need to set full trust on it. So, please try setting your framework configuration to full trust. Please follow the instructions on how to do it:

a) Control Panel ---> Administrative Tools ---> Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 Configuration.


B) On the left, expand the My Computer tree. Left click on Runtime Security Policy. On the right, click on Adjust Zone Security.


c) Make sure that "Make changes to this computer" is checked. Click next.


d) Enable full trust for My Computer, Internet, Intranet and Trusted Sites for now.


e) Click next, then finish.

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Thanks a lot for your feedback.

However, I have 2 websites running on the same server. One is gatewayed and other is normal. The chart from normal website is working fine. So that rules out possibilities of client configuration.


The problem is while accessing chartfx froma gatewayed server

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