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Getting login prompt when trying to display chart page


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 To whom it may concern,


I have just recently upgraded to Windows Vista and have a project that uses Chart FX 7 for 2005 to display some charts, the problem is that when I go to publish the project and browse to the page with the charts on it the page displays a login prompt and if I hit cancel the page displays red x's where the charts should be. I'm assuming this is a permissions issue but i haven't changed anything on the production server the only thing that has changed is the OS I'm developing on.

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It seems that there is some kind of authentication needed since a login prompt is raised. Please check that your webiste has the same security configuration (for example allowing the anonymous access). Then, if you are using IIS7, please check on your site -> Basic Settings -> Connect As.. that the user logged for your application does have enough permissions to run the website (Authotization and Authentication must be with the green check icon on the Test Connection).

Also, please Check the Chart FX PSS service on windows services. If the service is running, please try to change the account that the service is running with and change it to a local PC administrator account. If the red X does not dissapeared, please ty to turn of the service. (Please perform thi until the login propmt it not showed anymore).


Let me know about your findings.

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