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Is there a limit on num of series in a chart?


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I am tring to plot data in a chart. I am able to successfully plot up to 4 series on one chart, however when i reference the 5th series i get an index out of range error. When i comment out this reference to the 5th series the chart is displayed with the additional series.


My question: Is there a limit on the num of series in one chart?

How can i reference additional series' without generating the error messages?

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Thanks for your response.

I think i may have found the source of my problem.

I am currently running ChartFx version 7.0.3306.26568

It seems there is a bug in this chartfx where it only allows you to modify series 1-4. Any additional series is automatically generated and cannot be accessed in codebehind. Also when i add a new series in the design view it is removed when i switch to the source view.

I have checked the version before this and there are no problems like this with it.

 Is this problem familiar and is there a fix for it?



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