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Point values automatically rounding to 100%


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I am creating a bar chart, which displays 10 different sector information.

I have just 96% over all sum of all the 10 sector values. on that case, the point values are not matching to the value in database.

if i have 100% sum, the chart have point values matching to my database values.

on debugging i found that chart automatically rounded up to a 100%.

How can i make the chart. Show the actual values in the database? I dont want the over all sum to be 100%.

i can make a change in procedure to get Missing value in seperate record.

can i make that (point label) Missing and (point value) 4% invisible?

Some one please provide me a solution. Urgent please

Thanks in advance


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I got the answer. The following line is the reason for my issue..

ChartStrategySectorAnalysis.AllSeries.PointLabels.Format =

" %p%%";

In the display label, i am trying to include a space between number and % symbol. On this time it recalculates to 100 percentage.


Example, there are 4 values in database... 25, 31, 15, 25.

If the line mentioned above is not included in the code. The chart displays with the same data in the database.

On including the line, the chart have values 26,32,26,26. (Total rounds to 100, which is wrong in my case)

Hope i explained it clear.


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