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ie7 truncates width


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I have a chart running in .NET mode, and in the control there are two dropdownlists to control width and height using javascript.  The goal is to expand the chart to very large dimensions for our engineers with large monitors. 

This works great in IE6 - we can expand the chart indefinitely and the rest of the page expands with it. 

IE7 truncates the chart to the right. 

This seems to be a browser issue, perhaps they handle css differently?  Can someone please tell me how to fix this?

The markup is rather unassuming, it's just an html table with two cells - the chart on the right, and when the width in pixels exceeds the cell it truncates. Please note that height works fine, everything shifts down with the chart.

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Hi Jonny

<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


This, seems to be a problem specific with the browser version and not with the chart control itself, however we would like to replicate the behavior to try to help you, for this we would need a simple sample project with your resizing .


Does it work on IE 8?

-- Pipon

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I cannot test in IE8, company default is IE7.  My development VM runs Server 03 with IE6...

Due to file size constraints, I have removed the ChartFx webforms dll from the bin.  It will need to be re-added to the bin for the project to work.

I'm not able to completely reproduce the issue though, since the real application is in sharepoint.  However, we have attempted to duplicate our methods as accurately as possible. 

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