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Set Tooltip format just for one series?


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 I'm using financial extension to graph some stock data. I found that the default tooltip doesn't show the date. So I had to set the ToolTipFormat myself.

Here is my code:

Chart1.ToolTipFormat = "Date: %x \nOpen: %v2\nHigh: %v4 - Low: %v1\nClose: %v3";

After that, the display of the tooltip is: "Date: 01/30/2008 Open: 1.2 High: 2.0 - Low: 1.1 Close: 1.6" which is good.

However, the ToolTipFormat applies to everything including custom studies, technical indicators(SimpleMovingAverage, MACD, etc. ).

They all display something like this:"Date: 01/30/2008 Open:"

So how do I set the tooltipFormat to make it only applies to the main series?


Thanks a lot.

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