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Redistributables for ChartFX 7 for Winforms


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DISTRIBUTION REQUIREMENTS. You have a royalty-free right to distribute and use the SOFTWARE only if:

(a) You distribute only the portions of the SOFTWARE designated as "Redistributable Code".

(B) You use and distribute the "Redistributable Code " only in conjunction with the binary files that make use of them as a part of your software product.

© Your product(s) and application(s) must add significant and primary functionality to the SOFTWARE;

(d) You do not expose, document or make public the SOFTWARE API (Application Programming Interface);

(e) Your end users are not allowed to use the SOFTWARE for development purposes or further redistribution and deployment.

(f) You do not wrap or distribute the SOFTWARE in a component that can be used for development purposes on any application, tool, environment or container.

(g) your software product main and primary functionality must not be creating and/or displaying charts;

(h) You do not reverse engineer copy, duplicate or distribute the license schema that is needed to use the SOFTWARE in a design, development or runtime environment.

(i) You do not disassemble, decompile or reverse engineer the SOFTWARE or any portions of it;

(j) Your software product may not, in the reasonable opinion of Software FX, compete with a Software FX, Inc. product.

(k) You do not use the Software FX, Inc. or Chart FX name, logo or trademark to market your software product;

(l) You agree to indemnify, hold harmless, and defend Software FX, Inc. and its suppliers from and against any and all claims or lawsuits including attorney's fees that arise or result from the use or distribution of your software product. 


The term Redistributable Code refers to the redistribution of the ChartFX .dlls provided that they are used in your compiled application. The ChartFX Libraries that are redistributable are:






and any of the ChartFX Extensions .dlls, if used by the application.

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Additonally, please note that Chart FX cannot add licensing information to dlls. In order for the license to reside in your app, you need to make sure that you drop a chart in the main executable of the application. The Chart FX license should be automatically embedded within your application. Once you drop a chart onto a form, the license is added to the project and you do not require to perform anything else in regard to licensing.

If you try to wrap our Chart Control in your own Class Library (.dll), once you deploy the application you will not be able to see the Chart and you will receive an Invalid License Error. If this is the kind of requirement needed by your application, please advice on it so I can provide you with additional details.

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