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I import Chart Template into ASP code but cannot display in IE...


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 I had a error message :

I want to import my chart template into ASP code with

....... ignore .......

 Set Chart = Server.CreateObject("ChartFX.ASP.Server")

 chart.Import FileFormat_Binary, Server.MapPath("\MR\ChartFxTemplate\DoubleCurve.chw")


....... ignore........

and I use ChartFX internet designer to design a Chart and save as template "DoubleCurve.chw" as follow


 <!-- Create the Chart -->

 Set chart = Server.CreateObject("ChartFX.ASP.Server")



 <!-- Configure the Chart -->

 chart.BackColor = CHART_ARGB(255,192,255,192)

 chart.InsideColor = CHART_ARGB(255,255,255,192)

 chart.Font.Name = "Arial"

 chart.Font.Size = 10.2

 chart.Font.Bold = true

 Set axis = chart.Axis(0)

 axis.Style = AxisStyle_SingleLine Or AxisStyle_BreakZero Or AxisStyle_Interlaced Or AxisStyle_LongTick Or AxisStyle_AutoScale Or AxisStyle_ForceZero Or AxisStyle_AutoMinorStep Or AxisStyle_AutoFirstLabel Or AxisStyle_AutoCenter Or AxisStyle_Default

 axis.Interlaced = true

 Set labelsformat = axis.LabelsFormat

 labelsformat.Decimals = 0

 axis.AlternateColor = CHART_ARGB(255,212,208,200)

 axis.AlternateColor = CHART_ARGB(255,212,208,200)

 Set axis = chart.Axis(1)

 axis.Position = AxisPosition_Far

 Set axis = chart.Axis(2)

 axis.Gridlines = true

 chart.LineWidth = 4

 chart.MarkerShape = MarkerShape_None

 chart.Gallery = Gallery_Curve

 Set curve = chart.GalleryObj

 chart.Palette = "Vivid"



<%= chart.GetHtmlTag(1000, 400, "ActiveX") %>

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After analyzing your case creating chart templates using the designer, I was able to understand what your issue is. You are creating charts using the designer and saving them as file templates with a .chw extension. After that, you are trying to Import the template file with the chart FX Import Method and this is not supported. The Chart FX Import method is used to import a chart previously saved with the Export method, and the template file created with the Designer is not a supported file format for this method. In case you want to read more about the Import/export Method, please take a look at the Import/Export Method document located in the Chart FX Internet Programmer

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