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Looping Through Pie Chart Points


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I need to be able to loop through the points of a chart so I can set the colour of a pie charts slice depending on the text for that point. I cannot find a way to actually loop through them does anyone know how to do this?

We are using Chart FX 7 (7.0.3306.26568)


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 Hi, please try the following snippet. I choose random colors, but you can define your owns.


  int points = 3;
  chart1.Data.Series = 1;
  chart1.Data.Points = points;
  chart1.Data[0, 0] = 30;
  chart1.Data[0, 1] = 50;
  chart1.Data[0, 2] = 20;
  chart1.Data.Labels[0] = "Internet Explorer";
  chart1.Data.Labels[1] = "Netscape";
  chart1.Data.Labels[2] = "Other";
  chart1.Gallery = Gallery.Pie;

  Random r = new Random();
  for (int i = 0; i < points; i++)
  chart1.Points.Color = Color.FromArgb(r.Next(255), r.Next(255), r.Next(255));


Hope This helps.

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Hey juan,

Thanks for the reply.

I have tried what you said but I am finding the points text property is nothing. So I am unable to check it to see what colour that point should be.

Any ideas?


For lIndex As Integer = 0 To pChart.Data.Points

  Select Case pChart.Points(lIndex).Text

  Case "Always"
  pChart.Points(lIndex).Color = Drawing.Color.Blue
  Case "Mostly"
  pChart.Points(lIndex).Color = Drawing.Color.Green
  Case "Sometimes"
  pChart.Points(lIndex).Color = Drawing.Color.Orange
  Case "Never"
  pChart.Points(lIndex).Color = Drawing.Color.Red

  Case "Not satisfied"
  pChart.Points(lIndex).Color = Drawing.Color.Red
  Case "Average"
  pChart.Points(lIndex).Color = Drawing.Color.Orange
  Case "Good"
  pChart.Points(lIndex).Color = Drawing.Color.LightGreen
  Case "Very Good"
  pChart.Points(lIndex).Color = Drawing.Color.DarkGreen
  Case "Excellent"
  pChart.Points(lIndex).Color = Drawing.Color.Blue

  End Select


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 In the sample I posted, the values of the points are not defined in the text property of the points, they are in the Labels collection. Like this: chart1.Data.Labels[0] = "Firefox"; . The index of the chart1.Data.Labels[0] will correspond to the datapoint value. So, on your Case statement, you can use the chart1.Data.Labels[0] instead of the Points.Text.

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