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Upgrading to Chart FX 7


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I looked into the documentation and didn't find any help related to my issue. My issue is this:

I am upgrading from Chart FX previous  version to 7. Also I am upgrading from Visual Studio 2003 to 2008. For converting to Chart FX 7, I am using Wrapper Class and that resolved most of the issues except followig. In the below code I changed refrence to use Wrapper class but it seem to not like it and throws error. Any idea how can I resolve this issue? Thanks for your help in advance. 

Dim SeriesAttributes1 As SoftwareFX.ChartFX.Wrapper.SeriesAttributes = New SoftwareFX.ChartFX.Wrapper.SeriesAttributes 

SeriesAttributes1.Pattern = System.Drawing.Drawing2D.HatchStyle.Horizontal 

Me.cfxCompTrend.Series.AddRange(New SoftwareFX.ChartFX.Wrapper.SeriesAttributes() {SeriesAttributes1, SeriesAttributes2})

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