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Fractional zooming for DataPath on x-axis


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Is there a way to mimic the Selection scrolling mechanism for a DataPath x-axis, by setting the zoom to a percentage of the visible view?

What I mean is, say I have daily closing stock prices going back 1 year. There are gaps in the data for weekends, but these gaps are collapsed by DataPath, as they should be. If I use selection zooming, I can scroll left and right and it looks consistent; the fraction of the total visible area remains constant.

I'd like to do this programatically using SetScrollView(), but I can't figure out any way to do this at all. It would work if there were a way for me to say "show between 20% and 30% of the visible range," which I can't do based on the total date range if there are gaps in the date data, as the same time span could contain more or fewer points depending on the time span selected.

Is there a recommended approach?


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