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Tooltips for the X axis


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 I was wondering if there is a way to make the tooltip for axisX different from the label that is displayed.  I found a way to do it using the KeyLabels option, but I do not want the information added to the legend like this option does.  I am labeling axisX with numbers (like "2510") and when the user hovers over the label, I would like the tooltip that pops up to show "2510-This is my text".  Is there a way to do this and if so, how?



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Thank you very much for your response. What you provided does work, but for the data point tooltips, not the X Axis.  I already have tooltips setup for the data points using the code below.

string tooltipText = "";
tooltipText = Convert.ToString(r.ItemArray[0]);
tooltipText += "\r\n" + Convert.ToString(t.Columns.ColumnName);
tooltipText += "\r\n" + Convert.ToString(value);
chartFX.Points[iRow, i - 1].Text = tooltipText;
chartFX.ToolTipFormat = "%L";


What I need is a way to have my tooltips on my data points as well as tooltips for the Labels on my X Axis.  When the user hovers over the label on the X Axis, they should see a tooltip consisting of a unique number, a dash and the name for that unique number while the actual label on the X Axis will only show the unique number.  For instance, my chart will have X Axis labels of the following:


For each of these X Axis Labels, the tooltip will be like this:

1310-my line
1320-your line
1519-his line
1510-her line

Is there a way to do this?



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Unfortunately, a built-in feature to specify a different tooltip for axis labels is not included. However as a workaround you can achieve the expected behavior by using the GetTip and MouseMove events.

What you should do is simply store X and Y in the MouseMove event and then, during GetTip call HitTest with these values to determine the closest label. The following code snippet illustrates how to do this:

private int m_lastMouseX,m_lastMouseY;private void chart1_MouseMove (object sender,HitTestEventArgs e){  m_lastMouseX = e.X;  m_lastMouseY = e.Y;}

private void chart1_GetTip (object sender,GetTipEventArgs e) {  HitTestEventArgs a = chart1.HitTest(m_lastMouseX,m_lastMouseY);  if ((a.HitType == HitType.Axis) && (a.Object == chart1.AxisX)) {   int closestLabel = (int) Math.Round(a.Value);   e.Text = "Long Label " + closestLabel.ToString();  }}




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