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Click Event of Annotation


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I want to trap click event of annotation text. There is a mousedown/mouseup event for annotation list but that also gets for any mouse click on the chart and not necessarily on the annotation.

I want to have similar functionality like google finance where I can click on a annotation on a chart and navigate to a relevant place showing me details about the annotation. Please share a sample code snippet if somebody has tried this kind of feature.

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You can use the URL property of the Annotation:

Annotations annots = new Annotations();



AnnotationText text = new AnnotationText("My annotation");

text.Attach(2, 3);

text.Color = Color.Red;

text.PlotAreaOnly =

true;text.AllowMove = false;

text.Link.Url =



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Hi,The annotation extension provides independent events including MouseDown, you must attach to these events in order to be notified when clicks are madein the annotation objects.For example, if you have:Annotations annots = new Annotations();chart1.Extensions.Add(annots);

you can attach to the event by doing:annotX.MouseDown += new MouseEventHandler(AnnotationMouseDown);and then you need to define the corresponding event handler:private void AnnotationMouseDown (object sender, MouseEventArgs e){   // Your Mouse Down event code goes here. You can use the HitTest method to retrieve the object being hit.}Regards,RandyJ
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