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Chart with less number of data points


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We've created a simple chart with 10 dimension values on the x-axis and 10 corresponding data points on Y-axis. Everything is working fine. Now, due to some missing data, i get only 9 points the next time to be displayed against 10 dimension values. Is there any provision in ChartFx to handle this scenario? Can i simply send a place-holder for the missing point to the API and it kind of by-passes it during presentation as a line chart.

 Any related insights are appreciated.

 - Jayadev.

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There is a property called "InterpolateHidden" which (when set to true) allows to draw a connecting line over missing data points. When this property is set to false, hidden points in the chart will be result in a "broken" line in the chart. When set to true, the chart will draw a connecting so prevent the broken line. In previous versions of Chart FX, it was not possible to create charts which markers where not evenly spaced without passing both X and Y data. The InterpolateHidden property now makes it possible to create non even spaced charts with only Y values. Additionally, please note that you can use the InitializeHidden property to instruct the chart to intialize all non-initialized values to a hidden value.


To instruct the chart to draw connection lines over hidden points:


chart1.Data.InterpolateHidden = true;



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