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Render pie chart label only if readable


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 I have a pie chart with a truncated label or better said, the label is totally clipped!

The problem now is, that the black line pointing to that label is still rendered... - is there a way to deny this?

Thanks a lot in advance!






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You can use the Offset property which allows you to customize the point label position by configuring its coordinates. The following code sets the PointLabelOffset to 4 pixels up and 5 pixels to the right:

chart1.AllSeries.PointLabels.Offset = new Point(4,5);

You can also modify the pointlabel's angle by specifying the angle property. This way you can also avoid collisions. You just need to use a positive number to rotate the labels from lower left to upper right. Use negative degrees to rotate text from upper left to lower right.

To set the PointLabels angle for all the series to 45:

chart1.AllSeries.PointLabels.Angle = 45;

You can also completely hide the pointlabel for a specific point (as in your case):

chart1.Points[1,1].PointLabels.Visible = true;



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