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Bubble chart to accomodate negative values for X and Y axis


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I have a requirement for drawing a Bubble Chart in windows application (VB.NET 2.0, Visual studio 2005). The requirement is that the application provides the negative values also for X and Y min/max values. Normal Bubble charts support only within the box. But, here the chart may be out of the box, I mean it goes to negative axis also.

 I need code for this. Can any one help in this please?


Thanks in advance,


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 Not sure what you mean. Bubble charts work the same as other charts, supporting negative as well as positive values.

chart1.Gallery = Gallery.Bubble;chart1.Data.Series = 2;chart1.Data.Points = 4;chart1.Data.Y[0, 0] = 10;chart1.Data.Y[0, 1] = -10;chart1.Data.Y[0, 2] = -10;chart1.Data.Y[0, 3] = 10;chart1.Data.X[0, 0] = 10;chart1.Data.X[0, 1] = 10;chart1.Data.X[0, 2] = -10;chart1.Data.X[0, 3] = -10;chart1.Data.Y[1, 0] = 10;chart1.Data.Y[1, 1] = 10;chart1.Data.Y[1, 2] = 10;chart1.Data.Y[1, 3] = 10;chart1.AxisX.Max = 15;chart1.AxisX.Min = -15;chart1.AxisY.Max = 15;chart1.AxisY.Min = -15;

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 I am sorry for not being clear. My requirement is as follows:

I have to draw a bubble chart with the min value as -100 and maximum value=400 both for X and Y axis.

The chart should be divided into 5 rows and 5 columns.

Application will pass X and Y values.

Now it should plot the bubble at that point where X and Y axis is specified.

Kindly help me in this.

Thanks in advance,




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I have tested whatever you have sent to me.

I do not have mockup screen for this.

I am still sorry for not being clear. I want the following:

1. I want to fix the number of rows and columns as 5*5 for a chart

2. Application will have two text boxes one for X value and one for Y value. If I click on submit, that should create a bubble at that position.

I will try to find out the mockup screen too and will attach as soon as I get that.

I am new to this and so all these confusions.

My code as per the requirement is as follows:

Chart1.Gallery = Gallery.Bubble

Chart1.AxisX.Style = ChartFX.WinForms.AxisStyles.NotClipped

Chart1.Titles.Add(New TitleDockable("My Style"))

Chart1.Titles(0).TextColor = Color.Black

Chart1.LegendBox.Visible =


Chart1.Data.Series = 0

'Chart1.Data.Points = 4

Chart1.AxisX.Max = 400

Chart1.AxisX.Min = -100

Chart1.AxisY.Max = 400

Chart1.AxisY.Min = -100

Chart1.AxisX.FirstLabel = 0

Chart1.AxisY.FirstLabel = 0

Chart1.AxisY.LabelAngle = 90

Chart1.AxisX.Step = 100

Chart1.AxisY.Step = 100

'Chart1.AxisY.Labels(0) = ""

Chart1.AxisY.Labels(0) =


Chart1.AxisY.Labels(1) =


Chart1.AxisY.Labels(2) =


Chart1.AxisY.Labels(3) =


Chart1.AxisY.Labels(4) =


Chart1.AxisY.LabelValue = 100

Chart1.AxisX.Labels(0) =

"Deep Value"

Chart1.AxisX.Labels(1) =


Chart1.AxisX.Labels(2) =


Chart1.AxisX.Labels(3) =


Chart1.AxisX.Labels(4) =

"Deep Growth"

Chart1.AxisX.LabelValue = 100

Now the thing is to plot the X and Y values in the chart.


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