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Bar/line combination chart


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Hi evbody!

I have a problem making a chart with one lineseries  and  one barseries. I can't get the line in the foreground. I have tried .sendtoback/.bringtofront but it doesn't look good. I have also played with the order of the series and transparencies but it doesn't help. I get a lot of different results. Is there a specific way of doing this?







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This is a small example, but I think we can start from here.

Please copy this into your page load method, (create an empty page with a chart for testing)

Chart1.Data.Series = 2;   Chart1.Data.Points = 5;   Chart1.Data[0, 0] = 15;   Chart1.Data[0, 1] = 18;   Chart1.Data[0, 2] = 19;   Chart1.Data[0, 3] = 19;   Chart1.Data[0, 4] = 15;   Chart1.Data[1, 0] = 20;   Chart1.Data[1, 1] = 16;   Chart1.Data[1, 2] = 22;   Chart1.Data[1, 3] = 14;   Chart1.Data[1, 4] = 12;   Chart1.Series[0].Color = Color.DarkGreen;   Chart1.Series[0].Gallery = Gallery.Lines;   Chart1.Series[1].Gallery = Gallery.Bar;   Chart1.Series[0].SendToBack();


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Hi and thanks for answer.

This works fine. I set Chart1.Series[1].SendToBack(); and the line is up front. I have tried this in the other code which is a lot more complex:

I am instatiating a new object in the page load and sending it the Chart1 when instatiating, along  which is generated at design in default.aspx. Then I have a method to fill in the chart. Could this confuse chartfx?

barline_namespace.clsBarLine Barline = new barline_namespace.clsBarLine(Chart1);

Barline.GenerateChart(seriesData, wgsWidth, wgsHeight, wgsFrom, wgsTo, QS_object.Language, QS_object.Heading, QS_object.Xgrid, QS_object.Ygrid, QS_object.Kvartiler);




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