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  1. Angel, I replied to your request for more information over two weeks and again have heard nothing back. This issue has now been outstanding for over a month and I have had no real support or answer to my questions at all during that time. Why is it taking so long for you to get back to me? I am growing increasing frustrated at the lack of support, please can you get back to me ASAP? It is now very urgent that this is resolved quickly.
  2. I reported an issue (no.165374) two weeks ago and have received absolutely no reply except for automated Emails. Previously I got at least a confimation from an engineer within a few days. This time nothing. Does SoftwareFX support still exist? are you guys busy? what gives? Yours frustratedly...
  3. I have a web page that uses the Silverlight component that works perfectly when accessed over HTTP, but the component produces a strange message: " 'src' is a duplicate attribute name" when accessed over HTTPS Do you know what could be causing this? Is there any specific config that is required to make this component work over HTTPS? Thanks and regards, Peter Magrath Cooper Investors, Melbourne
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