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  1. I have just downloaded the update myself, but used the prior version quite a bit. Once you add the Gauge (chart, dial, etc) to the project, go to Data | Choose Data Source (or 'Connect to Data' icon on toolbar). This will open a wizard which will guide you through selecting the type of connection and the query. If you want to change the query, you cannot not use the display box labled 'SQL Statement' at the bottom. You must use the Data | Choose Data Source selection again or the 'Connect to Data' icon on the toolbar
  2. Good Day, I would like to know if it is possible to have a single instance of the PowerGadget process for multiple PowerGadgets? Last trial I looked it, it was not. I understand all Gadgets would be closed if the process crashed, closed, etc and can live with that. I would also like to know if a single Gadget could be created to read queries from a table to populate a drop down list (or other control). The end user could then select from the entries in the list to chose what is displayed in the Gadget. In summary, this would be a single canvas type container with multiple gadgets and e
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