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    Multiple Panes

    Hi, Thank for your help. I got it, here is my sample code: Dim s, v As IntegerDim a As IntegerDim sCount, vCount As Integer sCount = Rnd * 5 + 1vCount = Rnd * 100 + 1 With Chart1 .Scrollable = True .AxisX.ScrollPosition = 10000 ' Scroll to the end .Panes.Clear .ClearData ClearDataFlag_AllData .Grid = ChartGrid_Vert For v = 0 To vCount - 1 .Legend(v) = v Next Chart1.OpenData COD_Values, sCount, vCount For s = 0 To sCount - 1 Select Case s Case 0 .Series(s).Gallery = Gallery_Lines .Series(s).Stacked = True .Series(s).YAxi
  2. cowcow

    VB6 Deployment

    Hi, I am using Chart FX Client Server 6.2 (Licensed Version, downloaded from the URL that your sales provided) in my VB6 environment. I am going to test the deployment process. Could you please let me know which dlls I should include in my setup program? I found something like below in this forum: ChartFX.ClientServer.Annotation.dll ChartFX.ClientServer.Borders.dll ChartFX.ClientServer.Core.dll ChartFX.ClientServer.Core.oca ChartFX.ClientServer.Data.dll ChartFX.ClientServer.Designer.dll Is that all dlls that I need to include, or too many? Can I deploy all t
  3. cowcow

    Multiple Panes

    Hi, I want to use the ChartFx multiple panes features to display 3 to 6 charts in a single ChartFx Control. I am using VB6. I followed the sample code, but it never worked. Here is the sample: Dim series0 As Object Set series0 = Chart1.Series(0) series0.Gallery = Gallery_Lines series0.LineWidth = 2 series0.MarkerShape = MarkerShape_None series0.YAxis = YAxis_Main Chart1.AxisY.Pane = 0 Dim series1 As Object Set series1 = Chart1.Series(1) series1.Gallery = Gallery_Lines series1.Border = True series1.YAxis = YAxis_Secondary Chart1.AxisY.Pane = 1 ' F
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