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  1. Check any strange references to other w3wp.exe / application pool processes. I just had this same problem, it looked like my build was attaching to some runaway processes. I just killed those and everything was fine again.
  2. All right, so I just left the installer there for a while. I returned to it later to find that apparently it didn't detect the server's internet connection, and so it timed out. Steps were given to manually obtain a License Code with the browser, copy-paste it to the installer and voil
  3. I'm having some problems during installation of Chart FX for .NET 6.2. I installed this on a Development machine (Windows 2003 Server, VS .NET 2003) with no problems. I developed some web pages with embedded charts with no problems at all. Now I am trying to do a fresh, production install of it (same product, but a 2nd, additional license) on a Production server, but the installer hangs after I enter the serial number and click "Next". Some notes and one question. 1. Does VisualStudio need to be installed on the production machine, even when no development will be done there ? 2. I have a
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