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  1. Hi Maximop, Thanks indeed for this help. I safely use Chart Fx because of this forum. This forum helps me a lot.
  2. Hi Team, Thanks of the help provieded in the previous posts. It would have been impossible for me to use Chart Fx with out this forum. Now the problem: I have a stacked chart on my web page hosted on VS 2005. I will get 4 to 5 stacks on each bar. Now I want to display the value of the stack only where I need. Can we do this using Chart Fx. Please let me know. Also please let me know if any more inpts are needed. Prabhat Joshi
  3. Is there any change in the installation for the production machine?
  4. Hi All, I have created charts using Chart FX with VS 2005. When I run my application, I get the legend: "Built using Chart FX .NET". I can not afford to have this on my web page. Can any one please suggest the way of removing it. Thanks,
  5. Hi Frank, Thank you for the help. Can you please provide a code sample for the same. Thanks again and indeed. This discussion forum has made me confidemt of using Chart FX in this and forth comming projects
  6. Thanks for the quick reply indeed. Now I will put my problem here. I have a chart on my web page. I need to give the Export to Excel option to the user. To accomplish this, I have want to save the Image of the chart in the app server and then pull the same to excel using .NET. Does chart FX support the feature of saving the Image to bmp or GIF format.. Thanks , Prabhat Joshi
  7. Hi Maximop, I got the solution by this line of code; <ConstantLines><ChartFX:ConstantLine Axis=Y Text="testing" Value=25 Color=red /></ConstantLines> I added this line in bthe Design time of the chart building. Thanks, Prabhat Joshi
  8. Hi All, Can we have the option of exporting, the graphs drawn in ChartFX exported to Excel using ASP.NET and C#.NET code? If so can any one give more idea on this. Thanks, Prabhat Joshi
  9. I have Chart FX 6.2. Does Chart FX 6.2 support customGridline? Again thank you for your timely help. Thanks, Prabhat Joshi
  10. I did not find a customgrid class. can you please tell me, which namespace,will I find that in. Thank you for the help provided.
  11. Hi All, I have a requirement, where I need to draw horizontal reference axis in the Bar graphs. I am not able to get the much required code for it. Can any one help me in this regard. Thanks, Prabhat Joshi
  12. Thanks indeed. It really worked for me. Thanks again for this..
  13. Hi, I have a graph that has values between 99.9 to 999.999 I need a graph that shows all tjois distimnctly. I want my graph to start from 99.90 on Y axis and increment by .001 till 99.999 Please advise me where I can set the values on the Y axis.
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