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  1. hello i am not clear with the explaination given by you,Please explain step by step instruction what i have to follow for this. I am confused what i have to do with this.I don't know what is PSS and is it neccessary to disable these services. Please explain what i have to do with this PSS and what tag i have to add in ChartFx.web.config for my desired result. I am explaining what i have already tried:- 1)I have created a config file named:-"ChartFX.WebForms.config" 2)then this file i have included in Bin folder. 3)after that in Configuration file(i.e. ChartFX.WebForms.conf
  2. I am not getting what your are trying to say,please explain more about this.My problem is when we run a chart then a "image file and CHS file" is created and saved into Chartfx70\Temp.This folder is created itself in my application when have executed my chart for the first time.My requirement is i want to set my own path for these temporary files,Please help me out
  3. Hello When we run our chart, a temporary chart is saved at location "chartfx70\Temp", is it possible to set our own directory for saving this temporary chart.Please help me out
  4. Hello In my chart i want a footer to be displays at the bottom of chart(on X axis) .In My Chart on the X axis i want to show Chart source at the bottom of X axis that should be displayed with the chart when we export this chart in the JPEG format or Bitmap format.please help me out.
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