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  1. Hello. We use Chart FX 6.2 in our projects. Now we want to upgrade to Chart FX 8, and i have downloaded the trial version to test it. We use Microsoft Visual C++ and access the chart FX 6.2 classes over the COM interfaces. I have used the regasm.exe utility of the .NET-Framework to export the type libraries from the Chart FX assemblies. But Chart FX 8 seems not to support COM interfaces any more - the exported interfaces are mainly empty. Then i tried out the MFC wrapper class for Windows Forms Controls (CWinFormsControl<>) to put the ChartFX8 Control into a Window. The program compiles
  2. Hello, we are using COM -> Chart FX Client Server 6.2 . On your support page we see Service Pack FileName (CfxCS62ServicePack.zip, Date 12/22/2006). Is this the newest service pack? What are the fixed bugs, new features and open issues? Clicking on these links I get "No New Features information available at this time" "No Fixed Bugs information available at this time." "No Open Issues information available at this time.". Is there a time plan for the new version, expected day of release 7.0? eMike
  3. Hello, using a decimal seperator different from ".", for example "," make problems by editing values in Data Editor. e.g. Data Editor begin write -> Value 123,45 -> end editing -> the value shown in Data Editor is: 12,45 The char in front of the decimal seperator is deleted. It's really a problem, because in other languages, like German, the default decimal seperator is "," Can you help me? Thanks eMike
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