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  1. kevina

    Image Flashes

    I am still having a problem with images flashing. Here is the URL http://telematics.swri.org/ Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. kevina

    Image Flashes

    I just put another *.png file into the update panel right below the 2 gauges and it does not flash. But I seemed to have determined that it works fine under IE7 and only flashes using FireFox 2.0. Any ideas?
  3. kevina

    Image Flashes

    I am currently using the trial version to prove to my boss that this package is definitely worth the money. I am trying to have the gauges refresh on @ 1Hz by pulling values from a SQL database. I have it all working using an AJAX UpdatePanel and Timer. My problem is that the image seems to flash (refresh) every time it updates. Is there a way to correct this?
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