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Can licensed and non-licensed developers work on the same code-base ?

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sakesun    0


We are working on a large software project with 20 developers working on same source. We plan to have 5 developers work on reports which many of them use ChartFX.

My chief developer told me that if we include ChartFX in the main project source, the other developers who don't install with ChartFX license won't be able to compile the project. Is that true ? If it's the case then we might need to separate ChartFX part into another DLL project. Does that really necessary ?

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FSzymanski    0

My experience is that the users can remove the license information from the license.licx file and it will let them compile, but at runtime, trying to access the part of the application that uses the DLL will give you a licensing error.

Even if you move the ChartFX code to another library, the .exe project needs the ChartFX licensing information due to how they handle licensing.

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