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PowerGadgets Creator freezes when adding ps1 script

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clifflee    0

I have completed several powershell script's which work fine when executed from the powershell command line.

When I "Connect gadget to data" I've tried to put the filename of the script (which as worked in the past) or simply pasting the script into the dialog box.

When I do this, I press the TEST button and get the spinning hourglass.  And it never comes back.  I must use task manager to kill the task and restart the application.

Vista  32 bit, Powershell 2.0, PowerGadets Creator 1.0.3713.29416,

 Thanks in advance.

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clifflee    0

I was able to make it work using the technique presented in the youtube video


They use the ps1 editor to link the ps1 to a generic graph time.

Then copy/paste it into PowerGadget Creator, and edit away.

Not sure why just typing it in doesn't work?!?

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