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  1. I'm an IT Engineer in South Korea. I have some qustions like following. What I'm trying to do : I'm trying to make a program using 'ChartFX for COM' (the developement toolkit is Microsoft Visual Studio C++ 2012) What I did : 1. I downloaded and installed the Chart FX COM Trial Version, however the 'TypeLib' that I can use is not confirmed. - I registered the "Bin\*.dll" of the installed folder manually using regsvr32.exe, however, can not find any 'TypeLib' or 'OCX' in the Visual Studio C++ 2012 environment. So it's not possible to make any classes for ChartFX. What I wanna know : 1. I wanna know how to make C++ program using ChartFX in the 'Visual Studio 2012 C++' environment. 2. Does anyone can provide some 'Development Guide' or 'Sample Source Codes' for VC++ ?
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