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    Hi - I got this returned, so I assume this piece works. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> - <PowerGadgets> <Caption>PowerGadgets</Caption> <Category /> <Modified>0</Modified> <UserIcons /> - <Pages> <Count>1</Count> - <Page0> <Type>Chart</Type> <RefreshEnabled>False</RefreshEnabled> <RefreshInterval>60000</RefreshInterval> </Page0> </Pages> </PowerGadgets> For some reason, my iPad doesn't display anything.... Using Siefari, I can get to the URL and see the XML. What should I should now? Regarding SQL CE, yes, I know I can install it and whatnot. The issue was that from the Creator, I can download the samples... which is nice... but I dont have the .SDF database file to go with it. Be nice if I could get your samples working before trying to get my own chart to work.
  2. dm3281

    Getting Started

    Hello, I'm downloaded the trial of PowerGadgets Mobile and seem to be having a lot of issues. I've downloaded the server and its installed on Win7 x64. I've uncommented the web.config file. I have a PGServer virtual directory. When I try and browse out to http://localhost/PGServer, I get Error Summary HTTP Error 403.14 - Forbidden The Web server is configured to not list the contents of this directory. OK, I'm thinking it must be working. I then go to creator, add a simple bar chart... no datasource or anything.... save it to the PGServer root folder. When I launch app in iPad, I create a connection to and select the dashboard entry but nothing displays. How do I troubleshoot this? I see that Creator has some sample apps, but they all use datasources and there is no download for the SQLCE database? I.E, I copied one of them and got a YSOD related to SQLCE data source. Product looks awesome, if I can only get it to work. The next big complaint will be the pricing. I have a single user PowerGadets and that is awesome. Seems like if I want to use PowerGadgets Mobile, it will cost me $1000/year. Not very price friendly for a single user/developer?
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