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  1. I'm no expert, but here's what I've learned from my experiences regarding this issue... Each PowerGadget saves a personalization file that specifies the size and placement of the gadget. These can get corrupt or messed up, and when this occurs the gadget won't open the same way it was closed last. These personalization files reside in C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming\Software FX, Inc\PowerGadgets\Personalization. You can delete the entire Personalization folder if you want, and everything will get reset to default, or you can find the personalization file associated with the GUID of the gadget and just remove it. I believe this is true for all versions of Windows. Alternatively, I've found that if you open the gadget in PowerGaget Creator, go to Edit->Desktop Settings->Layout, specify a location/width/height, uncheck Personalizable and set Floating in Edit->Desktop Settings, the gadget will always remember these settings and the personalization file won't be written. This has given me the best luck with guaranteeing the size and placement of the gadget, however the horizontal/vertical offsets can only be set at 1024 maximum using this interface. If you need to exceed 1024, you'll need to open the gadget in Notepad or Notepad++ and edit these numbers manually.
  2. I'm getting repeated "your computer is low on memory" errors on a computer we have that displays PowerGadgets to an overhead projector. These are all gadgets that I have customized, based on ConnectSMART's v2.19 gadgets/scripts.This computer is running Windows 7 (32 bit), 4GB of RAM, with the Windows Classic Desktop theme selected.I've installed Dexpot (at ConnectSMART's suggestion), created 6 Desktops, and have it set to do a Desktop slideshow rotating each minute.There are a total of 91 gadgets we have open on these 6 Desktops. One looks like this...http://www.techcare.com/jk/one.jpgAnd the other five looks like this...http://www.techcare.com/jk/other5.jpgI've written a batch file to launch all the gadgets, and initially everything opens correctly and works fine. All the gadgets display and update, and the Desktop slideshow rotation works great.But after a few hours, I start getting "your computer is low on memory" errors...http://www.techcare.com/jk/low_on_memory.jpgAnd when this happens, some of the gadgets turn into Xs or quit...http://www.techcare.com/jk/xed.jpghttp://www.techcare.com/jk/quit.jpgHere's what the Resource Monitor shows when this occurs...http://www.techcare.com/jk/processes.jpgSo it would seem that the gadgets begin using more memory the longer they run. I posted this issue on the ConnectSMART support forum, and they replied with "We have noticed that PowerGadgets can be a bit of a memory hog. Unfortunately, we do not manage the source code so we are unable to provide any additional information on this. You may want to forward this to Software FX. They also have forums their as well."Is there anything I can I do to avoid these errors? Can the amount of memory allocated to each PowerGadgets.Presenter.exe process be reduced? Can I somehow get multiple gadgets to run under the same PowerGadgets.Presenter.exe process? Are there any tips/tricks anyone can recommend?Thanks in advance!
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