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  1. Hi all, our host-app crashes when we are going to change Decimals-property in Axis-properties dialog(when axis-format combo is set manually to "None"). To prevent this crash I'm catching InternalCommand-message and if we are pressing on Apply-button of that dialog I can avoid of processing this message by setting Handled-property to TRUE; After reading of documentation I assumed that there's a way to access to properties-dialog via sender-param, but I can't find any examples about using that param. Could you give to my any example? here is the client-code: BEGIN_EVENTSINK_MAP(CReportF
  2. Hello. In my application I have a case when Chartfx generates a line, that consists of just one point. Modifying PointLabels-property causes crash.[/font] Versions of COM-dlls I have(see attachment): ChartFX.ClientServer.Annotation.dll - 6.2.2532.19893 ChartFX.ClientServer.Borders.dll -6.2.2532.19922 ChartFX.ClientServer.Core.dll - 6.2.2532.19852 ChartFX.ClientServer.Data.dll - 6.2.2532.19974 There's a couples of details to be mentioned: crash is reproducible only under 32-bit OS (I tested with windows XP, win7 and 2008 Server) with other kinds of charts PointLabels don't cause the cr
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