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  1. Hi, I am referring to the range band graph example given the ChartFX website. (http://support.softwarefx.com/OnlineDoc/CfxJava65/) I am unable to reproduce the graph with the code given in the site. An area graph is generated instead of range band when pount values are given as y values. Is there any specific way we need to give the input values (as it is range) to produce this ? A file rangebanddata.txt is used in that example. Could you please share the contents of the file ? Please reply to this at the earliest as we have a dealine tomorrow. Thank you very much. Regards, -veena-
  2. How to find the position of a point (pixel possition in graph) in java, if x and y values are given ? I need to attach images using annotation. For that top and left positions need to be given. These images should be at the end of Gannt bar according to the X values. So its left position is dynamic. Please help me in finding this. Thanks in advance.
  3. I am looking for making a Gannt plot along with Scatter plot in Java. However when both are plotted in same chart the Gannt plot is coming as bar plot. Please help me in solving this.
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