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  1. The same issue am facing with the image render format. The chart should be re sized based on the resolution as well as the neighbor controls dynamic behavior. I try to send the user callback from onload() method of the body. then am setting the size to the control in user callback. Its not working for me.
  2. I want to access the width property of the chart from javascript. I dont want to add a style.width through javascript. In my senario it is not suitable solution. I want to access direct width property of the chart control. Thanks,.........
  3. Hi, Am setiing the chart size from the java script. Say it is 80% of the page. But the zoomer is rendering on the chart with fixed length. And left side of the chart am having the collapsable div. If we collapse that div am making the chart td width to 98% of the page. In this case also am not able to drag the zoomer to the right end it structs at some point on the chart. How to set zoomer width to the chart width at runtime?
  4. Am having a series on Line graph want to add another series to a graph when the user selects a checkbox which i have provided above the graph when the user selects the check box i fetched a dataset from DB which contains datapoints. with this dataset i want to crate an other series on the graph
  5. Want to add an Image at y=0 and x= a DATE Value say 12/5/2007 I used annotation but the attach method is having two parameters with double value am not having double value on the x-axis I tried with double values on x-axis the annotation rendering exactly at the specified location. But am having dates on x-axis what i have to do ,...........
  6. Am having dates on X axis, How to add an Image on X-Axis I tried with annotation but in vain
  7. Am having dates on x axix, double on y-axix now am adding a picture with annotaion to the chart attach method is taking two double values as parameters how to locate my annotation picture on chart?
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