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  1. I have a bar chart which also has the datagrid below chart. I want to set the Height and width of the column and row of the datagrid. How can I do that? I tried searching the datagrid column and row object but no property is available to set Datagrid row and column height and width Thanks in advance, Hetal Sheth
  2. I have a Datagrid shown next below chart. I want to set the alignment for column header. Right now the column header has center alignment and the same I want to make as Far (Right) alignment. How can I do this? Thanks in advance, Hetal
  3. hi, I have requirement to show only the datagrid which is part of chart. I didnot find chart which has only datagrid. Is there any way to show only datagrid and NOT the chart? Thanks in advance Hetal
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