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  1. Thank you for the update. If you'd like some testing, let me know. Aaron
  2. It's been a few months since an update. We have some production solutions waiting on this ability. Is there a time frame yet on the real-time update/auto-refresh feature for the webparts? Thanks, Aaron
  3. With over a month passing since the last update, could we get Randy, or another SFX employee, to comment on the status of this request? Regards, Aaron
  4. To answer your questions: 1) The ability to set the frequency in seconds, down to one second, would be ideal. 2) Different refresh rates for different web parts would be a nice feature, but far less critical than the base feature of all web parts refreshing at the same rate per page. 3) Not that I can think of. I'd typically pull SQL data, and where a time stamp is needed, it could key off of the SQL time for that record. 4) In this scenario, some indication of a connection failure would be helpful, at least as an option. Perhaps something like a small green/red dot in a corner of the web part might be used. Thank you, Aaron
  5. I appreciate your response, but it fails to address my question. Let me try to state it more clearly. I have no trouble with populating the DataPart with data from an SQL source. However, I was wondering if the DataPart can receive real-time updates, as the SQL data changes, for parts like the guage, etc., without the need of refreshing the web page. The SQL data is being updated constantly by another process, and I'd like for this to be reflected in the guage in real-time. Thanks, Aaron
  6. Is there a method for updating the data for a DataPart directly (vs. page refresh) when data is pulled from an SQL server to populate charts, guages, etc? Thanks, Aaron
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