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  1. In opposite to the related answers to the similar problems, I solved this problem by stopping PSS service. However, I've got another problem. Chart shows "Downloading" message for tens of seconds. What is the reason?? Thanks. Alex.
  2. Hello. I attached a screen shot. What I've done is, 1. Installed ChartFX 7 Web to the web server. (OS: windows server 2008 R2 Enterprise) and updated the version of ChartFX from 7.0.2893.24916 to 7.0.3754.18555 2. I made a web application, added a chart to the default.aspx, and compiled. When I run the application with localhost mode in visual studio 2008, It shows the chart well. When I connect to the server adddress, however, the chart is not shown. (But context menu of the chart is shown.) I guess the reason of this problem is some kind of security properies or something. Could you give me any check points? Thank you. Best regards, Alex.
  3. Hello. My chart shows double data type values, but the tooltips show integer type value. How can I show the orignal double type values to each tooltips? Thanks. Alex.
  4. I found a post that I have to bind several datatables as input data of the chart. http://community.softwarefx.com/forums/p/20/40.aspx#40 Then, how can I bind several datatables into a chart? My datatables' colums are only "DateTime" and "DataValue". I would like to use "DateTime" column for X-axis with DateTime format . Thank you. Alex.
  5. Hello. I would like to draw a chart that contains several series which have some empty values. The empty value is not zero, but empty. In case of bar chart, the bars that are empty value should not be shown. Actually, it is possible to set the value to zero. In case of line chart, however, the line should be drawn from value to next value, with skipping emty value. That is, the line should not be dropped to zero, and should not be stopped at the empty values. What I want to draw is, the line should skip the empty value and make a line to the next real value. How can I draw a line chart like this that contains emty values? I need help. Thank you. Alex.
  6. It helps me a lot..! I really appreciate for your advice. - dolgorae
  7. Hello. There is an AxisSection on each X and Y axis. The code is, // Axis X : 8~10 Area ChartFX.WinForms.AxisSection XSection = new ChartFX.WinForms.AxisSection(8, 10, Color.LightBlue); chart1.AxisX.Sections.Add(XSection); // Axis Y : 50+-1 Red Line ChartFX.WinForms.AxisSection YSection = new ChartFX.WinForms.AxisSection(50+1, 50-1, Color.Red); chart1.AxisY.Sections.Add(YSection); I expected that the red line would be shown over the the lightblue area. However, the red line from 8~10 area is always behind of the lightblue area. What I was wondering is, how can I change the Z index priority of the AxisSections of X and Y axis? I want to show the Y-AxisSection over the X-AxisSection. I need help. Thank you..!
  8. This is the code that sets ConditionalAttributes to chart1. (ChartFX for WPF ver 8.0.3581.26941) public void SetCondition(RangeCondition range, Brush br) { ConditionalAttributes ca = new ConditionalAttributes(); ca.Condition = range; ca.Fill = br; chart1.ConditionalAttributes.Add(ca); chart1.Refresh(); } I can recognize that the ConditionAttribute works since the markers in the conditional attributes area becomes invisible. so I added a code which sets marker size to 10, but it still doesn't work. (ca.Marker.Size = 10; // Doesn't work, the markers in the conditional attributes area are still invisible.) The only way that I can make the points to be visible is, setting chart1.Series[0].Marker.Size to 10. (chart1.Series[0].Marker.Size = 10;) Then, I can see the color of the points in conditional attribute has been changed to the "br" color. I remember that this wasn't make any problem in previous version of ChartFX for WPF. Is there anything wrong in my code?
  9. I posted several times to ask about problems when using multipane chart, and I am posting again. At first, in ChartFX for WPF sample project, 1. Run the "Additional Axes and Panes" sample application. 2. Check to the "Separate Panes" checkbox. 3. Resize the window. Then, see what happens to the Y axis. And next, 1. Binding a DataTable which has 800 rows and 8 columns to MultiPaneChart.ItemsSource. (enough rows ad enough columns) 2. Set the MultiPaneChart.SetScrollView to 30 (or using PixPerUnit) and make scroll bar to X axis. 3. Move the X axis scroll bar. Then, see what happens to the MultiPaneChart. Hotfix is seriously needed which has no problem of multipane chart.
  10. This problem happens in ChartFX for WPF sample project, too. 1. Run the "Additional Axes and Panes" sample application. 2. Check to the "Separate Panes" checkbox. 3. Resize the window. Must be a bug??
  11. I have tried to set "axisY.Margin" in each Y axis, but it makes same miss-alignment with margin.
  12. And if the number of digits varies in each Y-axis values in multi-pane chart, the alignment of the Y-axes becomes bad, too. ex, if the number of digits of Y axis in first pane is 4 (1000~9999), and 1 in second pane (0~9), then the Y axes of Pane1 and Pane2 would be out of alignment. What should I do to solve this problem?? Is there any option to set the offset of Y-axis? Thank you.
  13. As the attached file, the shape of the Y-axis in second pane of the multi-pane chart is out of alignment. Chart initialization code is, StackPanePanel sPPanel = new StackPanePanel(); sPPanel.Orientation = StackPaneOrientation.Vertical; chart1.PanesPanel = sPPanel; chart1.Panes.Clear(); and the code of 'for' loop to add panes to the chart is, Pane pane0 = new Pane(); pane0.Series.Add(chart1.Series); chart1.Panes.Add(pane0); When I change the size of the chart, such as moving a grid-splitter, the alignment of the Y-axes become worse and worse gradually. My current version of the ChartFX for WPF is 3547.21860 What should I do?? Thank you. chartSample.txt
  14. #1. Malfunction when zoom in Multipane Chart which has 2 or more series. (Refer to the attached image file.) If I zoom in, whatever the zoomstyle is, chart shows malfunction. The captured image was, zoomed in 1st pane, zoom mode was Selection, zoom style was Scroll. See the scroll of Y Axis of the first pane carefully. #2. Malfunction of SetScrollView, alter to Zoom function. I could not use Zoom function in MultiPane chart because of above reason. So I tried to use "SetScrollView" method alternatively. However, If more than 3 series added in multipane chart, "SetScrollView(0,0)" brings Out of Memory Error, which was called to make as same function of zoom out. The count of rows of the source data was about 380. How should I make zoom function in MultiPane chart, similar to the one of ChartFX for Winform?
  15. dolgorae

    Clearing Chart

    I could solve up the problem with your hotfix. Thank you!
  16. dolgorae

    Clearing Chart

    I use ChartFX for WPF version 8.0.3422.28509. Before I add data to chart, it shows some random data. So, I set the chart.ItemsSource to null, the random data disappears and shows "No Data Available" And I add data to the chart.ItemsSource, then it shows well what I want to see. Now, I want to clear up the chart series and to be shown "No Data Available". I searched the method in this forum, it says, "chart.series.clear()" and "chart.ItemsSource=null". I did it, but the chart shows random data. How can I remove the random data and to be shown as "No Data Available"? Thank you..
  17. I would like emphasize the Item Name with Red color, too. Help me, please..
  18. I'm drawing a Bar Chart that shows two series following Date. X axis in the Bar chart shows Date, Y axis shows Item Name, and the 2 series' values of the items in each date are drawn in the chart. So, each day has 2 Bars. Then, I would like to emphasize the Bars in Series1 with different color, which has smaller value than Series2 in each day. I think I should use TrueCondition, but I can't get any sample code or example that gives me any hint how to use the TrueCondition. How can I use TrueCondition? Thank you.
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