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  1. Hi, I am using chart1.renderToStream(image1,imgMap,htmlTag); to display the image on IE. I want to increase the DPI for the image created. Please provide the solution for this in java. Thanks in advance. Anupam
  2. Hi, We are trying to print a chart . But the output of font's on paper are blured. can you please suggest which format should be used for printing the chart for a high quality output ? Thanks & Regards, Anupam
  3. go2_anupam

    Split chart

    Hi. I am using bar chart to display my records on a chart. my chart is having width of 1000px. this width can show 50 records at a time as per my requirement. The issue is that if i have 100 records to be displayed. The chart is not good. I want the chart to split in two charts. each with 50 records getting displayed. So the width doesnt change and chart gets displayed vertically. Thanks in advance for your reply.
  4. Ho to provide double labelling in bar chart. i want to group x axis values with a new axis values
  5. I am using gantt chart and my x axis has text content as label on the left side of the chart. the x axis label are not aligned to the right side. Is there any property which i can use to have the x axis aligned. Thanks in advance for the kind support.
  6. hi, The issue with my chart is that the x axis has to show data for 6 different teams. while two teams have data in thousands, the other 4 teams have data less then 20. Is there a way in which i can provide breaks in chart. For eg. i can plot the y axis from 1 to 20 and then from 1000 above. i want to skip the y axis labels between 20 to 1000. Support will be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi Frank, Thanks for your reply. I hope Chart FX will provide some thing for it soon. ciao
  8. Hi, I am using gantt chart. my x axis is the concatenation of first name and last name. i want to display first name and last name with two different styles. Please provide help in how to do so. Thanks
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