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  1. Thanks for the help. It worked. One more quesiton how do i draw arrow from one postion to another at particular angle. Left and Top will only set the the place the arrow start from. But how to i specify the end and angle of it.
  2. Why this doesnt draw a line on a map? AnnotationArrow arrow = new AnnotationArrow(); //arrow.Color = System.Drawing.Color.AntiqueWhite;arrow.Height = 10; arrow.Width = 0; arrow.Border.Color = System.Drawing.Color.Red; arrow.Attach(20, 10); arrow.Visible = true; arrow.Link.Url = "Default.aspx?Server=Europe1";Map1.AnnotationObjectsList.Add(arrow);
  3. Hi, We are working on the trial version of chart fx 6.2 maps. We are testing few functions of maps to meet our client requirement. Here is want we are trying to do. We want to show server images on the world map(where our servers are located in whole world..eg south africa, usa,europe) and when user clicks on particular continent eg usa north america, it should zoom and show server images for that part, and when user click on any server images on the map it should show them the information for that server in a pie chart. I know zoom in and out is possible. My quesiton is it possible that if user clicks on certain empty part(where there is no server image) of map it zooms in and if they click on server image it shows pie chart details or redirects to other page. Other quesiton is do i have to change SVG file for that or is there a dynamic way to add clickable server images on the maps without changing original SVG file? And if i have to changes SVG file can you send me some sample please. Thanks in advance. Alok
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