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  1. 1. My code creates a chart with bars. But I find that the bar centres on some of the points and not others. Reading other posts I find that I should set the Chart.Gallery to bar and not just the series. I have done that and also set .AllSeries.Gallery to Bar but it still happens. 2. I then add a line series to the chart but then the first series is plotted completely incorrectly. Both the bar and line are plotted specifying the X & Y co-ords but it seem that X co-ords are ignored after the lines are added. They seem to revert to 1,2,3 etc.
  2. I can see that it is possible for users to save chart formats using the My Chart icon in the toolbar. This seems to save the data as well. Is it possible to serialise properties of a chart after a user has changed things like axis font, grid lines, tick marks, background colour and gradient. Basically to save a chart format. I am currently working with charts that have just one pane.
  3. Thanks for the reply Frank. I have contacted sales and will try with a trial license string. In the meantime, are we actually wrapping here? We are re-distributing the dlls when installing our addin along with the standalone exe. What is the difference between calling chartfx dll from the exe and the dll? It has been stated somewhere on the site that this is a feature of .NET licensing but we use and re-distribute other 3rd party .NET dlls in the same way and there is no restriction.
  4. I should point out we are not trying to "hide" the chartfx objects but are re-ditributing the dlls with our exe. We also generate excel addin dlls that use some of the classes from the exe project. I have tried embedding the license as described elsewhere but it doesn't work.
  5. I have been able to build a GUI exe that uses ChartFx. I want to try providing the Windows form from the GUI through an Office add in which means making an office addin dll. As per other posts I have tried adding a License.licx file to the office add in project (under rescources folder) I have looked at the output of the build and used refelctor and it appears to be there. Howerer I get "the can't find run time license" exception on the intallation machine. There are a number of projects in the solution and I have tried adding license to them as well. I am using C# on VS2005 running XP. I am installing onto VM ware virtual machines with Office 2003 and 2007.
  6. Indeed it does, many thanks. Thanks for quick response as well.
  7. I have not stated the problem very well - the original file remains locked after a new image is added.
  8. Thanks for quick reply. 1) The code is ChartFX.WinForms.Adornments.ImageBackground i = new ChartFX.WinForms.Adornments.ImageBackground(<string location>);foreach (Chart c in Global.Charts.Values) { c.Background = null; c.Background = i; } Should I pass an Image object rather than a path? 2) Yes, I was just about (honest) to post back that .Refresh() fixes that. Apologies.
  9. 1. I set a chart background image programmtically. I then change it to another image. I then change it back to the first image but it seems the file is locked. I am assigning the imagebackground on the same chart object each time. I would have thought that each time a background image is changed then the file used to create it is released? 2. Also, when my code changes the image mode (from tile to watermark etc) nothing changes in the chart. I am using .bmp images.
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