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  1. My data files (01.txt) contains the following, Name, Height Paul, 5.50 Sam, 6.73 when I use out-chart I get a data grid with the values 5,6. How do I explicitly specify that it should display the decimals ? Thanks.
  2. When I run a script such as , import-csv C:\test.csv | out-chart -Value EndTime -Label Date using Windows Powershell with PowerGadgets, how do I then create a PowerGadget distribution file (ie. .pgf file)? Thanks.
  3. I've got a csv file (test.csv) that represent a time line of when a process completes. A sample of the contents is as follows: Date,EndTime1/11/2007, 02:162/11/2007, 02:133/11/2007, 05:134/11/2007, 02:1313/11/2007, 02:53 Firstly, I want to produce a bar chart which represents the "Date" on the x-axis , "EndTime" on the y-Axis and restricts the Y-axis to between 01:00 and 05:00. I tried using, import-csv "c:\test.csv" | out-chart -Values EndTime -Label Date -Title "Test" but it won't produce the graph (ie. no Y values are displayed). How should I format the time so that powergadgets understands it ? could you give me an example please. Thanks.
  4. Hi I have a csv file in the following format (1.txt) : Type,Units,Total,,TTL,"76 ","48465 "A1,"6 ","2155 "A2,"12 ","7348 "O,"3 ","3283 "F,"53 ","33268 "I,"2 ","2411 "M1,"0 ","0 "M2,"493 ","346959 " If I do , import-csv "c:\1.txt" | out-chart -values Units, Total -Label Type on the PS command line, it produced the chart as expected. However, if I use the Powershell Creator : Choose the 'Chart' gadget, "Use windows Powershell", and type import-csv "c:\1.txt" and click on test the results are displayed correctly. If I then click on finsh, the chart displays "No Data Available". If I click on the 'Adjust Data to Chart" option, the columns are listed, but the data types are all set to System.String and cannot be changed. At the command line, powergadgets is able to perform the conversion of the strings to numeric, but in PG Creator I don't have the option to do this. How do I adjust the datatype and get the data displayed in PowerGadgets Creator ? Is it possible to create a .pgf file from the command line and then import it into the PG Creator to modify the settings ? Thanks
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